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Transportation Terms - O






Odometer A device that measures the distance of travel in miles. This device is attached to the speedometer

O, S & D Overage, shortage and damaged. Someone in your company is in charge of OS & D. You must call in if you have any of these conditions with your load before leaving the receiver -- and in some cases, you must call before even pulling out of their dock.

Overage Extra freight from what should have been shipped.

Overdrive Gearing in which less than one revolution of a transmission's input shaft causes one turn of the output shaft. The purpose of overdrive is to reduce engine rpm in high gear for better fuel economy. Example: A transmission with an overdrive top gear has a ratio of 0.70 to one. Turning the input shaft 0.7 revolutions causes 1.0 revolution of the output shaft.


Transportation Terms - O




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