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Fuel Cost Conversion Calculator




Find the true comparison cost of fuel

between U.S. and Canada

with metric conversion and currency exchange calculated.


First, find current fuel price here

and enter in the table below.



Petro Stopping Centers



Flying J Inc.



Pilot Travel Centers



Travelcenters of America




Then get exchange rate from Bank of Canada,

enter in table below and click arrow for result.

Bank of Canada - Get exchange rate








Fuel Cost Conversion Calculator Table










Canadian to U.S.  Fuel Cost Comparison










  $ Canadian / Litre

 $ Canadian  / Gallon

$ Canadian to $ US

$ US / Gallon



Enter  Price / Litre


Enter Exchange Rate









U.S. to Canadian Fuel Cost Comparison  











  $ U.S. / Gal $ US / Litre $ US to $ Canadian $ Canadian / Litre  

Enter  Price / Litre


Enter Exchange Rate





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