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Ambest Online - A co-op association of 140 independent truck stops.


Bosselman Travel Centers - Designed to meet the needs of travelers and professional drivers 24 hours a day from Nebraska to Oklahoma.


Croft Fuels Ltd UK - European 'Bunkering Service' with over 400 locations in Europe.


Flying J Travel Plazas - Nationwide fuel stop and restaurant for travelers. Site includes list of services for truckers and diesel fuel pricing information.


Greater Chicago I-55 Truck Plaza - Provides diesel fuel, Wi-Fi and TripPak services, CatScale, restaurant, truck repair center, and convenience store.


Johnson's Corner - Famous full service 50 year old truck stop located between Denver and Fort Collins.


Jubitz Truck Stop - Located on I-5, Exit 307 (Portland, Oregon), this is one of the major truck stops in the west.


National Association of Truck Stop Operators - A trade association representing almost 1,200 members that offer services for both truck stop operators and truckers, including a comprehensive truck stop directory.


North American Truck Stop Network - An association of independent truck stops offering fuel discounts and driver reward programs.


Petro Stopping Centers - Serves both professional drivers and interstate motorists with locations from coast to coast with fuel, restaurants and showers.


Pilot Travel Centers LLC - Operator of travel centers in the United States with over 275 locations nationwide. Offers travelers and professional drivers merchandise, services, and amenities including many major fast food franchises.


Professional Transportation Partners - A partnership between independent truck stops and trucking industry professionals, designed to provide customers a better over-the-road program.


Quiktrip Inc. - Offers truck diesel, fleet accounts, cat scales, showers, restrooms, and trucking supplies. Located in 9 states in the midwest.


Rip Griffin Travel Centers - Chain of truck stops with several locations in Texas. Includes specials, locations, and fuel prices.


Transport Cafe - Lists overnight truck stops in the UK for heavy goods vehicles. Also provides general information for truckers.


Travel Centers of America - A large interstate travel plaza network in the United States.


Truckstops Direct Inc. - Offers independent truck stops the benefits of a professional, marketing organization. Includes directory of members and locations.



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