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 Highway Traffic and Road Safety


Transportation Terms - A






ABS (Antilock Braking System) ABS Brakingis a system using Computer processors, sensors and rapid solenoid valves which monitor wheel speed and modulate braking pressure if wheel lockup is sensed during braking. This safety feature helps  drivers retain control of their vehicle in the event heavy braking is required on slippery driving surfaces.


AFV (Alternative Fueled Vehicle) AFV Covers many vehicles powered by natural gas, propane, hydrogen and other new fuel sources beyond deisel and gasoline.


Air brake A braking system which is operated by compressed air.  The air brake system is controlled by the use of an air compressor,  tanks and valves keeping the braking system dis-engaged until needed.


Air Ride Suspension Air ride suspension uses heavy duty air-filled rubber bags instead of steel springs to support a load with much less shock and vibration transferred to load or rider. Compressed air is supplied by the air brake compressor and reservoir tanks on most trucks.


Airspring System A system where a cylinder and plunger contain air under pressure When the cylinder and plunger are compressed, air is compressed further and produces a spring effect.


 Air Tank A reservoir for storing air for use in the air brake system  Without this storage tank there would not be enough air for braking when needed.


Ammeter A gauge which registers the output of the alternator or generator.


ATC (Automatic Traction Control)  A feature similar to ABS,  preventing the drive wheels from spinning  on slippery surfaces by braking individual wheels and/or reducing engine speed.


Transportation Terms - A




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