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Transportation Terms - F





Fifth Wheel Coupling device attached to a tractor or dolly which supports the front of a semitrailer and locks it to the tractor or dolly. The fifth wheel's center is designed to accept a trailer's kingpin, around which the trailer and tractor or dolly pivot in turns.

Fingerprint A load If the driver must "fingerprint" a load, it means he/she must unload it themselves. Not a terribly popular option to most drivers.
Fixed Tandem Assembly of two axles and suspension that is attached to the chassis in one place, and cannot be moved fore and aft.

For-Hire Carrier Company in the business of transporting freight belonging to others.

Freight bill Document for a common carrier shipment. Gives description of the freight, its weight, amount of charges, taxes, and whether collect or prepaid. Bills paid in advance are called prepaid freight bills. Bills collected at destination are called collect.


Transportation Terms - F


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