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Trucking Companies - F




FFE Transportation Services Inc. - A full service cold storage and transportation provider.


Ficel Transport - Carrier of specialized steel products with operating authority in 48 states and Ontario.


Fikes Truck Line, Inc. - Contract carrier, specializing in hauling building materials, steel, machinery and fabricated products operates within the US. Located in Hope, AK.


Fil-mor Express, Inc. - Truck transport firm, operates dry van service throughout the midwest. Warehousing facility is available for storage of dry goods. Located in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.


First Expresss - Truckload carrier specializes in just in time delivery of freight provides online tracing.


Flying Star Transport - A common carrier of petroleum products provides services for the southwest US.


Focus Logistics - Canadian trucking company specializing in transportation between Canada and the US; flatbeds and closed vans.


Forbes Hewlett, Inc. - Ontario based trucking company which provides LTL and TL shipping services between Canada and the USA.


Forbes Transfer Company - A truckload carrier with vans and flatbeds located in Wilson, NC. Includes a brokerage division. A lease and company driver application is available online.


Freight Management Inc. - Provides transportation and distribution services for most of the USA.



Trucking Companies - F




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