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Trucking Companies - D




Dart Transit Company and Fleetline, Inc. - Nationwide transportation service provider.Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota.


Davey Cartage - Specializing in the transportation of construction supplies, machinery equipment, forest products, and oversized loads in British Columbia.


Design Transportation Service - Established in 1989.


Dick Lavy Trucking - Freight service for New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas and Ohio.


Dimex Freight Systems - Common and contract carrier that provides 24 hour truck load and consolidation services between Mexico and the USA.


Dinius Enterprises - Provides oilfield, fertilizer and grain hauling in Canada and USA.


Dirksen Transportation - California company, that serves all states, specializes in the transportation of food grade aluminum, glass, and plastic containers using high cube equipment.


Display Transportation - Provides LTL, freight management for trade shows, hi-tech transportation, expedited road and air service for rush service requirements.


Domestic Freightways Inc. - A full service freight logistics provider, moving freight within all points of North America.

petroleum materials. Based in Maryland.


Trucking Companies - D




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