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HiringTruckDrivers.com - Truck driving jobs listed with US trucking companies where company drivers and owner operators can review carrier hiring criteria and employment benefits.

Innovative Driver Services - Provides leasing and recruitment in the Southeast United States. News, job listings, applications and contact information included.


Jobs For Truckers.com - Offering information for companies hiring, online applications, and industry related links.


Jobs In Logistics - Executive and associate level jobs in logistics, transportation, distribution, supply chain, inventory, warehousing and customer service.

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Why The Free Truck Driving Schools Look Attractive!

By: Nic Cummingham

One thing is for certain about free truck driving schools and that is they are as free as they say per generally as any truck driver wants. Nothing comes for free, and free truck driving schools are not so free after all. And this must be a warning for truck drivers everywhere.

Big rigs are enormous vehicles on the road, most of the time spanning several car lengths as they make their way across highways. Just the thought to drive such a vehicle scares the normal driver who sees it. One fact is for sure: it isn't an easy job to drive one of there monsters.

In spite of that there are many people that think and are up to doing this job, as there is an increase in demand of truck drivers. The statistics say that there are around 8 million drivers in the US, and still the companies are still in search of them in order to maintain a solid driver pool. One of the problems that these wan bees confront every day is the financial credentials, a problem that can only be solved by free truck driving schools. Anyway there are some warnings.

Unfortunately, nothing worth having ever comes for free. There is always a payoff, and most approved private truck driving schools carry a hefty price tag that few can readily afford. Free truck driving schools in most cases just means the sponsoring company will have you by the neck for the next 12 months or you learned just enough to start the truck. This would be a good time to learn how to pray as well.

In most cases, payment for trucking schools require cash up front availing of the school's loan facilities, which may have heavy interest fees. Students in need may opt to take an outside loan and start paying back when the paychecks start coming in. Still others may avail various programs such as the Roehl Honor Program designed for those discharged honorably from military service.

There are some free truck driving schools sponsored by some companies on a condition that you join them after completing the course. However, the pay is less (generally based on cents-per-mile) than those who graduate out of those paid driving schools. Hence, it might be a better to join the approved truck schools with fees as high as $3,500 and get a higher pay.

For those having financial constraints, you can join the community based programs which provide the basic training necessary to get a CDL at a much lower price than the paid ones. Although, please note that these community schools are not the free truck driving schools.

One solution for those that can't afford at the time the fees is the community college programs. These aren't what you can call a free truck driving school but in their trainings you can find guidance and education for obtaining a professional CDL permit. Also the tuition is much lower than in truck driving schools.



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