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Getloaded.com, LLC - USA Providing instant access to trucks and freight using a computer platform that's user friendly, fast and secure.


Haulage Exchange. - UK. Haulage exchange for hauliers, freight and transport companies. Independent owner-drivers and owner operators serving operators with routes in UK and Europe.


Hoploads - USA Load posting system for hopper-bottom trucking companies. Membership fee.


Infreight - India. Logistics and road transportation industry.


Intelogistica - Spanish and European freight exchange marketplace. International cargo and trucks. [may not work in all browsers]


Intermodal LoadMatch - North America, Match loads from intermodal shippers and marketing companies to drayage truckers with railroad and steamship equipment. Search jobs and resumes specific to intermodal transportation.


Internet Truckstop - North America Freight matching service uses a variety of search tools. Requires an account to use.


LiveLoads - USA. Freight matching service, for agents, brokers, carriers and shippers. Databases for all states and factories and driver software and webmail.


Load Solution - USA. Direct shippers data base for direct loads truckers who want to ensure their own loads, real time load board, employment opportunities, classified ads for truckers who need to advertise.


123Loadboard - USA. Online freight and load matching.



Find Loads, Match Freight


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