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S&A Systems, Inc - Developer of automated fleet transportation management software.

Shiplogix Inc. - Offers a transportation software system that links shippers, carriers, and third-party logistics providers.

Simple Computing - Vehicle and plant maintenance software. Tracks services required, fault listing, plant operators, costing of plant

Smartpacker - Software for container loading problem, optimizing the packing pattern of cartons so more can be loaded.

Softtruck - Software that creates a 3D image of a compact loading pattern of your cargo in a truck or container. Used to save space and determine the container size needed.

Solutions Construction Inc - Provides a Windows based maintenance management software for fleets of any size.

SourceWare Inc. - Software used in trucking operations. Includes the source code written in Visual Basic. Dispatch, invoicing and accounting functions.

Squarerigger Software - Makers of fleet maintenance software

Strategy Systems, Inc. - Provides trucking and freight brokerage software including: dispatch, accounting, freight billing, settlements, DOT compliance, and satellite tracking.

Support Technologies Inc. - Provider of Alexus 3-Tier Fleet Maintenance Management Software which includes fleet asset management, repair history, warranty recovery, inventory management and purchasing.


Trucking Software - Fleet Management


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