Highway Traffic and Road Safety


Road Safety


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Highway Traffic and Road Safety Issues


Highway driving, trucking and road safety in rush hour traffic


Highway driving, trucking and road safety in rush hour traffic


Road Safety is No Accident!



Every year many people are killed or injured on our roads in what some call accidents, but are they accidents?


Often, auto and truck collisions are not so much accidents as predictable incidents, perhaps someone's momentary lack of judgment, temporary distraction, improper training or a thousand other explanations that may result in a crash.


Every driver is responsible for their own actions on the road but they must also drive defensively and watch for the other guy in case another driver does something unexpected, weather or road conditions change or a mechanical problem develops.

Drivers can take various steps to decrease their likelihood of being involved in a collision. The following pages discuss topics dealing with road safety, trucking, freight security and  provide tips and recommendations on avoiding collisions on our roads.


Always leave a little extra space between vehicles and use a little extra caution on the roads at all times to ensure you reach your destination safely, without incident.


This site is a collection of information which may be of benefit to workers or individuals driving a truck,  delivery vehicle or car, operating a forklift, lift truck, crane or other industrial equipment or working in a manufacturing, agricultural, logistics or transportation environment similar to that described herein. It is not intended to be accurate training material or legal guidance but hopes to shed light on more common and serious safety issues on the roadways and in the commercial transportation industry often with the potential of affecting the general public to varying degrees.






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